Thursday, 6 June 2019

My Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup Routine

Now I've managed to almost 1/4 the time I apply my makeup in, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my very quick and simple natural everyday makeup routine. I don't tend to switch up my routine very often so these are the products that I trust and know work well with my skin. For anyone that doesn't know I have quite fair combination skin and I still have a little bit of acne scarring on my cheeks.

Of course, I always start off by moisturising my face and I am still obsessed with the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Moisturiser (Here) after the hype probably over a year ago now. If you aren't aware this Nivea men’s moisturiser contains glycerine which is often found in makeup primers so this works a gem to both moisten and prime your skin. I've found that Tesco often have this moisturiser on special so I think I managed to pick it up at a bargain price of £3. The bottle contains 100ml of product and you only need a small pee size amount so it lasts for months.

The foundation I have been loving at the minute is the Revolution Conceal and Define in the shade F2 (Here). I have found that this shade matches my skin tone perfectly. Like I said I do still have a little bit of acne scarring under my skin is this foundation given a nice even full coverage. This foundation comes with a large doe foot applicator which I actually quite like. I also think the foundation is easy to blend especially with a makeup sponge but that is just personal preference.

When I do have some redness or blemishes that I do want to hide I use the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer in the shade C1 (Here). I love this concealer because there is so many shades available, it is full coverage and it blends so well. I will also use this under my eyes to conceal any under eye darkness. 

In term of brows I use the Revolution Brow Pomade in the shade Medium Brown (Here)This is the only product I have used on my brows in years, I swear by it. As someone with quite sparse brows and having had my brows micro bladed a few years ago, I just think that pomades make it easy to fill in the brows but also make them look so natural because you can apply a thin amount of product and then built it up if you prefer a fuller looking brow. Pomades also make it easy to create a gradient at the front of your brows and your desired shape. At only £6 I don't think you can go wrong, this promade is just as good as the higher end brands like ABH and MAC.

Moving onto mascara. I've been loving the MDMflow Better Than Mascara (Here). This mascara is great if you want more natural looking lashes, it is a black mascara but still quite subtle. It’s the wand that makes me love this mascara so much. I have quite small hooded eyes so I struggle to apply mascara without getting it all over my eyelids and this wand is the perfect size for me - its small but still really effective.

For blush and highlight I have two Revolution palettes that I swear by! I use the Revolution Sugar and Spice Ultra Blush Palette (Here), this has six matte blush shades and two shimmer shades in a variety of different shades that suit any skin tone. The highlighter palette that i looovee is the Revolution x Soph palette (Here) which I have used religiously since it launched, it has high shades that again will suit all skin shades and for £8 its a bargain!!

Finally, the lipstick I use on the daily is the Mac Lipstick in the shade Patisserie (Here), I have worn this lipstick shade every day for years, it a lustre lipstick and just gives your lips a perfect sheen. I just think it's a 'my lips but better' shade. 

- Jordan x 


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